Icon(Headshot/Bust) - Full Render - 30$ - 2, 4 Days

Half Body - Full Render - 40$ - 2, 5 Days

Full Body - Full Render - 60$ - 2, 7 Days

Icon(Headshot/Bust) - Flat color + shaded - 20$ - 1, 3 Days

Half Body - Flat color + shaded - 30$ - 2, 4 Days

Full Body - Flat color + shaded - 40$ - 2, 5 Days

Stickers - Flat color + shaded - 10$ each (3 for 25$) - 1, 3 Days

Ref Sheet - Starting at,
80$ - (Basic) Front (Flat color + shaded) + back (Flat color + shaded ) + 1 headshot(Flat color + shaded),
100$ - (Rendered) - Front (Full render) + back (Flat color + shaded ) + 1 headshot(Flat color + shaded)

The Ref Sheet are fully personalizable, if you want to Add anything else here ex(Accessories,Weapon,alternative clothes etc) DM Me and we can discuss the price depending on complexity and number of items. - 3, 7 Days

Full Illustration with Background - Starting at 100$ (For Basic Scenery and 1 Character). This is fully personalizable.
DM Me and we can discuss the price Based on complexity. - 5, 15 - Days

Polished Linework - 20$ each character. (Full body) - 1, 2 Days

Sketch Doodle - 10$ each character. (Full body) - 1, 2 Days

What you will receive:1' A High Resolution - By Default the size of the file is:
4000x4000 pixels - 300 dpi, Digital, PNG. (ICON),
512x512 pixels - 72 dpi, Digital, PNG (Sticker),
and for everything else 4961x3508 pixels - 300 dpi, A3 Sheet Size, Digital, PNG
If you have another Size in mind let me know

2' A Half size JPEG,Digital for a more MB friendly version

3' A no Background Version PNG. (Not valid for "Full Illustration with Background")
containing only the character with transparent background

4' The process files ex for character(Sketch, Line ,Flat colors)

If you commission me that means that you agree with my terms below

-If you need something that is not listed DM ME I may be able to do that, we can discuss price
-except for the "Full Illustration" all the images have a flat color background or a simple geometric graphic shape.-I have the right to decide when it has been enough changes-I May Post it in my Social media accounts and/or use it in my site-I can refuse to do an Art if I am not comfortable with the theme and/or don’t feel that I can produce a good enough quality piece-My time estimates only start to count after I start your piece, they may change due to unforeseen events, but you will always be kept informed about that.-Prices can be increased based in the complexity of the design ex(Full Armor, Robotic areas)-Payment Upfront (Paypal only)-NO REFUND If I already started

What I won’t do:

-Violence and Gore
-Offensive content

What I can do:

-Draw your OC
-Design a character from imagination and visual references you provide me (+20$)
-Reference Sheet, Concept art Sheet
-Draw Anthro & Creatures
-Draw More than one character together
-Stickers, Banner, social media kits, thumbnails, emotes

**My Commission Process:**
1 - Sketch - Here I will Send you one or more Thumbnails of Loose Sketches to Capture the Mood, Pose and Composition. Then we can work from here to make the changes or fuse things you liked until we get what better fits the piece you have in mind!
Any big change in the Drawing is fine in this phase. (It is up to me to decide when it has been enough changes)

2 - Line work - After sketch approval I will clean up the line and add the details.
Changes here are still possible if not too drastic

3 - Flat color | Light Mood - Here I will show you the Flat Colors without influence of Shadows and Light and we will decide the Light Direction ex(Straight above,Left,on the floor etc) and the Light Mood ex(Warm[Like Sunlight], Cool[Like Moonlight] or any other light color)
Here I will only make changes related to color

4 - After your approval in the colors no more changes.
Flat color + Shaded - Here I will add the shadow and light and keep the line work
Render - In case you opt for Full render here I will add all the little details, Fancy light and paint over the Linework

Example image - (Full Illustration with Background) - Commission done for @Maverick6806 & @MrL1zzard - The Characters in this Illustrations belongs to them